Featured Essay: 2012, One picture per month / by Dominic Nahr

To start the year off, i thought i would present a year in pictures by selecting one picture from each month of the last year. January took me to the Central African Republic chasing LRA militants and US Special Forces; February I flew across the continent to document the pre-elections in Senegal; March 11th I stood among monks remembering the victims of the Tsunami a year ago in Japan; In April, the dead Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) soldier lying dead in oil was photographed after a long month in the Nuba Mountains and the border regions along South Sudan and Sudan; In May I photographed victims of the torture during the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya in the 60's fighting to get their voices heard in court in England for the first time; June was spent with the Ugandan troops in Somalia; I was back in Kenya after Magnum's AGM at the end of June with CCTV; It's not everyday one gets driven around by a President of a country, President Kagame on the wheel in August; September I covered the Riots in Kenyan coastal city Mombasa; October I was in Canada with good friends - a short break; November brought me to Madagascar and December, right before Christmas I found myself in Ethiopia.